Bachelor’s project “Community A World Away” is a pret-a-porter clothing collection inspired by emotional experiences and visual inspiration. I want to show that each of us is a traveller, going towards our true selves, carrying our uniqueness.

The primary inspiration for the collection was a photograph of two women drinking tea in 1875 while dressed in the welsh national costumes. After some research I discovered that in 19th century welsh people were usually considered to be very unique. They were disconnected from the ordinary modern life and misunderstood by foreigners.


The theme of the collection was influenced by my personal experience and by other people around me. I was interested in a young person who is turning a new life page and making a further step into his/hers future.

In this collection I want to show that everyone is a traveler towards their true self, uniqueness and singularity. I want to precisely reflect a person’s journey towards his/hers self-realization. The inspirational source to me are other people, my own psychological state and my everyday experiences, which are reflected in my photographs and drawings. All of that creates a unique and individual dialog with myself.

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COMMUNITY in my collection defines people no matter of their age, sex, religion, social status or race.  These are the people that want to stand out, learn something new and they are constantly seeking for new experiences. They are willing to accept their challenges and demonstrate to the public that they are important and that they can change the world. I talk about a personality (“community of an individual”) that is determined to leave its comfort zone and has decided not to pay any attention to the opinions of the people around them. They are not afraid to live their lives their own way, with individual goals and dreams.


WORLD AWAY is our own established imaginary limit. After it comes our purpose towards which we constantly push ourselves. An individual of the community in order to escape from the community of individuals, you must go beyond your doubts, hesitation and the lack of self-confidence. You have to find your personal path to self-knowledge and start the journey.  


In the collection weaving techniques are used not only as an aesthetic form and ideological expression, but as a way to use the left overs of yarns, fabrics and various materials.